Edward Halle

Edward Halle

Edward Halle

Edward Halle

Edward Halle was born on April 9, 1915, in New York City. His parents Ethel Fried Halle and Louis Halle had emigrated from Europe to escape the bad treatment that Jews were being subjected to.

His father, Louis Halle worked hard and became a lawyer. He was a very well know admiralty attorney during prohibition and prospered by defending bootleggers and getting their goods out of impound.

His mother, Ethel Fried Halle, was a school teacher. She kept a kosher home until her mother who lived with them died.

Edward Halle was a great dad to both of his children, Jason Halle and Peter Halle. He tried his best to see that we always had whatever we needed and tried to teach us about family values, character and honesty.

Edward Halle did not have the stomach for the type of work his father did, dealing with criminals most of the day, and when his father died in 1948 he switched specialties and became a patent attorney. He went on to become a President of the American Patent Law Association. After his presidency the name of the organization was changed to the American Intellectual Property Law Association.

He was a great dad, he was honest and he had integrity. He tried to teach his children to have character and be forthright in all their dealings.

Edward Halle married the love of his life, who became Elaine Lindo Halle.

Edward Halle died on May 25, 2000, in Boca Raton, Florida.

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Supreme Court Appellate Division – First Department

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  1. that is so beautiful, kind and a wonderful tribute. you were blessed to have such a great Dad and it seems like he did a great job with his kids too!

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