Thomas Heckler

Thomas Heckler is imprisoned by Judge McFarrin Smith and professional guardian Jetta Getty

Thomas Heckler

Thomas Heckler

Thomas Heckler – a prisoner being stripped of his assets by the corrupt State of Florida Guardianship system, Judge McFerrin Smith and Jeta Getty

I spoke to Thomas Heckler last night on a conference call with Eliot Bernstein and others¬†that are shocked and terrified at our legal system’s state of corruption, Judges like McFerrin Smith and professional guardians like Jetta Getty. They are stealing from Tom to the tune of close to $300,000.00 per year. This has been going on for five years as the Florida Judicial system has imprisoned Tom, taken away his constitutional rights and his freedom.

Tom told me that he will be destitute in another 3 or 4 years after the State of Florida has finished the job of stealing his millions.

Tom Heckler is scared. He wants his freedom but has no way to fight for it since the Florida Courts have taken away his legal rights in the corrupt guardianship process that is rampant in this state.

Florida Judge McFerrin Smith has enabled professional guardian Jeta Getty to seize all of Thomas Heckler’s financial assets from every account he once had self-control of, from social security, disability payments, stock, securities, employer stock grants & options, cash, etc. Being that he has such a substantial net worth, it seems like he had been doing a pretty good job taking care of his money and himself before Judge McFarrin ordered this Guardianship on this intelligent man who contributed to society..

Thomas Heckler is a 61-year-old retired biotech Ph.D. He is intelligent and has a pleasant demeanor. It seems impossible to me that he could not take care of himself given the tremendous resources he had before the State of Florida started bilking him outrageous amounts to take care of him against his will after taking away his freedom and supposedly inalienable rights.

Is your ex-wife/husband or greedy children plotting this kind of future for you? Seems to be dangerous to be a senior citizen with too much money in the State of Florida. It is so easy to do this to people in Florida. All you need to do is hire an unethical lawyer to start the process.

Florida is not the land of the free. Watch your back.

For more information about Thomas Heckler you can read about him at: is an important organization protecting the rights of senior citizens. They can use donations. If you can help, donations can be made here: Donations