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Peter Halle Lawsuit

Jason Halle v. Peter Halle

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More than 9 years ago Peter Halle a powerful and wealthy retired Washington attorney and his wife Carolyn Lamm, a former President of the American Bar Association (2009-2010), began stonewalling the disbursement of Jason Halle’s inheritance. They were well aware of Jason’s HIV+ status, his multiple heart attacks and his many bouts of three different types of cancer.

As attorneys licensed to practice in Florida, they knew that according to the four corners of the Edward Halle Trust document, Peter Halle was violating at least a dozen Florida laws and committing alleged felonies including Grand Theft and Perjury which are being investigated.

Judge French of the Palm Beach Probate court ruled against the qualified beneficiary that had never been challenged and he ruled in favor of Peter Halle from Washington, DC, who is part of the judicial establishment and has deep pockets. Judge French stated in court that the Trust document was not important and that the Trustee (Peter Halle) could do whatever he wanted with the Trust. Judge French then awarded the ten attorneys that had lied to him about material facts that influenced his decision and awarded $183,811.48 in legal fees to the predator attorneys at Richman Greer. It was OUTRAGEOUS!

As a result of the malicious actions of his brother and his sister-in-law Jason has already lost his home. His father had left him money with the wish that he would be able to stay in his home as long as possible and so that he could have sufficient funds to obtain good medical treatment and a high quality of life including stress free living while he was battling so many life threatening condition as a senior citizen.

Jason continues to seek justice from the Florida Courts. Most recently he filed a personal injury suit against Peter Halle, Carolyn Lamm, Charles H. Johnson, John G. White III, Michael J. Napoleone and the Richman Greer Professional Association in the Broward County Civil Court to recover damages for the harm and financial ruin they have caused him. The defendants gave the Court false information to get the case dismissed. Judge Michael Gates dismissed the case after the predator attorneys involved committed alleged perjury which is being investigated.

Jason Halle is available to be interviewed.

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