Florida Attorneys

Florida Attorneys

I need a Florida Attorney to critique my Amended Complaint.

Jason Halle

Richman Greer Attorneys Working for Peter Halle

I am a pro se litigant trying to get my brother, Peter Halle, to disburse the money my father left me seven years ago. My funds to pay a Florida Attorney have been exhausted. Peter Halle is a Florida Attorney and a Washington, DC attorney. His wife Carolyn Lamm is also a Florida attorney and a past president of the American Bar Association. Peter Halle has already spent over $200,000.00 to rebuff my attempts to collect the money my father, Edward Halle, left me. Before he passed away he assured me I would not need to worry about money in my old age.

Peter Halle hired Charles H. Johnson, Michael J. Napoleone and John G. White, III of Richman Greer in West Palm Beach and Miami to defend him.

They certainly have given me the run of my life. Since the issues seemed so clear and it seemed obvious to me what was required to have justice, I never dreamed I would get caught in the nightmarish web of lawyers defending lawyers to restrain the truth. I need a little help to even the scales of justice. The attorneys at Richman Greer have even resorted to Fraud Upon the Court and Misconduct to get the case dismissed.

I am not in good health and I imagine my brother’s goal is to outlive me and keep the money, or at the very least to deprive me of its use during my lifetime. I  was depending on this money to make my old age viable.

History of the litigation

Click the above link to review the history of the litigation. The previous Complaint I wrote was dismissed for failure to state a cause of action. I have written a new Amended Complaint and would appreciate it if anyone could read it and make sure I am not failing again to state a cause of action. Any help or suggestions from a Florida Attorney would be very much appreciated.

New Amended Complaint

You can click on the above link to download a copy of the new complaint that I need help with. I have saved it in  PDF format so it will be easier to work with. It might take a few seconds longer to download because of this.

I would appreciate any help you can offer me. I have already had three heart attacks, one soon after the last complaint was dismissed. I don’t need anymore courtroom drama. I want to get it right this time.

You can email me at: jason@jasonhalle.com or call me at: 954-654-8150.

I will be very thankful for any assistance that you can provide.

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