Perjury Broward County

Perjury by Carolyn Lamm

Did Carolyn Lamm commit perjury in Broward County?

One of the Defendants in a Broward County lawsuit is alleged to have committed perjury. Carolyn B. Lamm, a past president of the American Bar Association (2009-2010) signed a Sworn declaration under penalty of perjury on November 23, 2015 that was later filed in Broward County. In that declaration in paragraph 13 she stated, “…nor have I ever taken any actions for or on behalf of the (Edward Halle) Trust. I have not met or communicated with anyone in the State of Florida or elsewhere in that regard.

On December 4, 2015, another Defendant, also an attorney, Michael J. Napoleone of Richman Greer, filed Ms. Lamm’s alleged perjurious Declaration with the 17th judicial Circuit in and for Broward Country, Florida, Case No: CACE-15-017841.

At least seven instances of contacts by Carolyn Lamm with Florida are memorialized on bills from Richman Greer. These bills were served to Plaintiff Jason Halle and are clearly identified by using the Bates numbering system by the Defendant for identification purposes. (Exhibit I)

The reasons for Carolyn Lamm’s involvements, according to the bills, all pertained to the lawsuit taking place in Palm Beach County. Each one of these represents a contact with the State of Florida and together they represent substantial activity in Florida, and all with respect to the (Edward Halle) Trust.

Carolyn Lamm’s sworn Declaration stating no contacts with Florida or with anyone concerning the Trust proceeding in Palm Beach seems to have committed a third degree felony, Perjury in a official Proceeding.

Michael Napoleone filed this Declaration with the court in Broward County, Florida. He was one of the main people who the Richman Greer bill shows was having contact with Carolyn Lamm while he was in Florida working on the (Edward Halle) Trust.

Michael Napoleone is alleged to have both suborned perjury and committed fraud upon the court by knowingly filing false information in a official proceeding.

Judge Gates does not care much about justice. He keeps ruling in favor of the alleged felons that have stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from the disabled senior victim. The Defendant and his wife are very wealthy attorneys with political connections. It must be great to control justice with your checkbook and position as an officer of the court. Seems attorneys can break the law in Judge Gates’ courtroom without consequences and steal as much as they want.

Judge Michael Gates

Judge Michael Gates

Judge Michael Gates

Jason Halle had a hearing before the Honorable Judge Michael Gates in Broward County Civil Court on February 10, 2016. The Defendants are trying to get the case dismissed. They lied many times to Judge Gates during the hearing, committed alleged perjury and alleged subornation of perjury.

Judge Gates ordered that both sides send proposed orders to his chambers by February 24, 2016. He will make his ruling after that date.

Judge Gates seemed like a gentleman and listened politely to both sides. He smiled at times and made polite responses to the litigants. What a completely different experience this was than Jason Halle had in the Palm Beach Probate Court. Judge French was always yelling at him, telling him to get an attorney. Jason doesn’t remember him ever smiling once.

Judge French’s advice was pretty bizarre, since there are not many attorneys that will take the case of a person that has a grievance in the probate court in Palm Beach County. I have heard this is because they all know of the corruption there and the small odds of getting a fair hearing.

Jason Halle is done in the Palm Beach Probate Court where the attorneys lied repeatedly to Judge David French and as a result collected an attorney fee of $183,811.48, even though their client Peter Halle was in violation of Florida law for more than 8 years and they had lied to a Judge to get the case dismissed. None of the claims were ever adjudged. No opinion was given by the Fourth District Court of Appeal, even after one was requested.

In the Broward County action, Jason Halle alleges that defendants: Peter E. Halle, Carolyn B. Lamm, John G. White III, Michael J. Napoleone, Charles H. Johnson and the Richman Greer Professional Associate engaged in:

Gross negligence/Intentional Misconduct

Tortious Interference with Inheritance

Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

Fraud Upon the Court (intrinsic and extrinsic)

Civil Conspiracy/Aiding and Abetting/In-Concert Liability

The Complaint was filed with the Clerk of the Broward Court on October 12, 2015. The Case Number is: CACE-15-017841