Fighting for Democracy

Fighting for Our Democracy

Fighting for Our DemocracyOnly in America do Homeless War Vets sleep in cardboard boxes while a Draft Dodger Sleeps in the White House.

Our President is taking us to the cleaners while he sells influence to Foreign Governments in exchange for Foreign Loans.

Immigrant Children are being separated from their parents, the same way the Nazis separated Jewish Children from their parents before sending them to Detention Centers and Concentration Camps.

Immigrants are being prosecuted when they have broken no laws. They have only come to our border and politely knocked on our door to apply for humanitarian asylum. The same way your ancestors did unless you are direct descendants of Native American Indians.

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” According to President Trump and the GOP this NO LONGER APPLIES to our Country. We were once the standard of Freedom and Democracy in the World. Now we have a Government that is sinking into a cesspool being created by a Wannabe Dictator.

Our Courts are being packed with Religious Zealots.

Our Probate Courts and Family Courts are Snake Pits where large-scale theft takes place in the Billions of dollars.

The GOP Congress is Protecting a President that endorses Pedophiles and peddles influence and the power of his office to the highest bidders.

The Middle Class is being dismantled while our President lies and uses deflection to keep his base loyal.

The Poor are losing their safety nets and are basically being told to starve and die in the streets without healthcare.

While our Republican Leaders are sending Thoughts and Prayers, our children are being gunned down in their classrooms. No other country has a problem of this proportion, yet our leaders have no interest in studying what other countries are doing that is working to help alleviate these problems.

Dark Money is buying politicians and our Supreme Court has been packed with Justices that no longer have an interest in protecting our Democracy. Money now talks so loud that it drowns out the citizens of our Country. This is totally opposed to our Founding Father’s idea of how to have the first self-governing Democratic Republic on the face of the Earth.

Our President is calling the investigation into his actions a Witch Hunt despite there already being many indictments and Guilty Pleas by members of his Campaign. Even his two children have confirmed that he has taken huge sums of money from the Russians to prop up his businesses.

The Russians are hacking us and meddling in our elections.

Is there a solution to being on the verge of losing our democracy? I, for one, certainly hope so.

We must vote the Republican Party Out of Existence. We need poll watchers, paper ballots and to keep Russian Influence and Russian Money out of our Elections.