Judge Jeffrey Colbath

Judge Jeffrey Colbath Investigates

Judge Jeffrey Colbath Investigates

Chief Judge Jeffrey Colbath

Investigating Judge David E. French and Judge Martin Colin in the Palm Beach Probate Court.

John Pacenti, a courageous Palm Beach Post Staff Writer is writing about the corruption in the Probate Division of the South County Courthouse of Palm Beach County.

It started with Elizabeth Savitt, a tennis pro turned professional guardian, profiting from her marriage to the sitting Judge Martin Colin. There have been complaints from families of double billing and sending disputes to court to run up fees.

Judge David E. French, a friend of Judge Martin Colin and another sitting judge on the Probate Court adjudicated most of Elizabeth’s cases. Many of the cases involved multimillion-dollar estates.

Savitt even pursued seniors’ money after their deaths, taking $30,000 in one probate case without court approval and with no apparent justification other than it was to be, “held in trust.”

Families say they have depleted their own savings fighting her and Judge David French to no avail.

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Chief Justice for Palm Beach County, Jeffrey Colbath said in an email to The Palm Beach Post that he is in fact-finding mode and “is preparing to make appropriate changes to address concerns.”

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In a similar recent case before Judge David French, fees of $183,811.48 were awarded to the judge’s friends at the Richman Greer law firm.  Even though their client Peter Halle had been violating Florida laws for more than eight years and the Richman Greer attorneys were aiding and abetting him since 2008, they were still awarded those outrageous fees that diminished the beneficiaries share of the trust.

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Jason Halle was a qualified beneficiary of the Edward Halle Trust and a qualified disturbutee as well.

The trigger for disbursement and termination of the Edward Halle Trust occurred in August of 2007. Peter Halle, the Trustee breached the trust and ignored its instructions. He then hired 10 attorneys at the powerful law firm of Richman Greer, good friends of Judge David E. French. The Richman Greer attorneys aided him in continuing to breach the Trust and violate Florida law.

Judge French ruled against the qualified beneficiary and qualified distributee that had never been challenged, ruled for the lawbreakers and paid his friends at Richman Greer — $183,811.48.

For more information you can go to: Judge French rules against Qualified Beneficiary

I am glad that after such a long time John Pacenti, an amazing Palm Beach Post Staff Writer has been able to bring the corruption in the Palm Beach Probate Court and the pain to the families that are the victims of the corruption in that Court to the consciousness of the public.

I wrote a letter to Judge Jeffrey Colbath on January 25, 2016. Here is a link to it: Letter to Jeffrey Colbath . He never had the courtesy or felt a responsibility to reply to me.

Corrupt judges have no place in a democracy that depends upon them to maintain law, order, justice and the principles of the constitution of the great United States of America.

Florida Bar



Ms. Shanell M Schuyler at the Florida Bar has the duty of protecting attorneys that have committed fraud upon the court and misconduct.

The Florida Bar is a deceptive institution that gives the public the impression it was formed in the public interest and one of its main duties is to police Florida lawyers so that a public agency would not be needed to do this important job.

After a complaint I made regarding Michael J. Napoleone of the powerful Richman Greer Professional association was rejected a second time with no explanation that pertained to the facts in the complaint, I wrote Ms. Schuyler the following letter on November 27, 2015. The letter was never answered by her or anybody else at the Florida Bar.


Shanell M. Schuyler
Director of Intake
The Florida Bar
651 East Jefferson Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2300

Re: Mr. Michael Joseph Napoleone; RFA No: 15-9614

Dear Ms. Schuyler,

I am in receipt of your letter of September 28, 2015. I appreciate the time and you took to respond to my serious concerns.

A fully documented complaint was submitted to the Florida Bar detailing clear, compelling, and indisputable evidence that a Florida attorney, “with intent to deceive the court” knowingly made false statements and withheld material information.

No defense was ever offered to the fact that Mr. Michael Joseph Napoleone made knowingly false statements to the Courts.

Fact One: On June 6, 2013, Michael Joseph Napoleone of Richman Greer stated in a court document that, “Notably, Plaintiff’s motions to amend have not arisen as a result of the Court’s dismissal of any of Plaintiff’s prior complaints or claims…”

Fact Two: on August 28, 2013, just a few weeks later with no hearing in between, in the Courtroom of Judge David E. French, John George White, III, of Richman Greer stated, “…the plaintiff keeps filing these lawsuits, they keep getting dismissed,… and I think it’s time that Your Honor dismiss it with prejudice.”

It’s amazing to me how “not arising as a result of the Court’s dismissal of any of Plaintiff’s prior complaints or claims” can magically turn into, “they keep getting dismissed” in such a short interval of time.

Fact Three: On February 21, 2014, Mr. Michael Joseph Napoleone made false statements to the Fourth District Court of Appeal in a Reply Brief where he stated, “Mr. White did not “lie,” as Appellant alleges in his ad hominem attack.”

Fact Four: On October 27, 2014, I wrote a letter to Mr. Napoleone asking him to state to the Fourth District Court of Appeal that his statements in his Reply Brief on February 21, 2014 were false. (Letter attached)

Fact Five: On October 28, 2014, Mr. Napoleone wrote me a letter again stating that he was not aware of any false statements by Mr. White during the hearing on September 28, 2013. (Letter attached)

Fact Six: As requested by Mr. Napoleone I sent him the clarifications that he requested regarding Mr. White’s testimony on September 28, 2013. (Letter attached)

Fact Seven: Mr. Napoleone again stated there were no false facts during the hearing of August 28, 2013. This is again in direct contradiction to the court document he authored with Mr. White on June 6, 2013, claiming there had been no dismissals. (Fact One)

It seems that Mr. Napoleone believes that if you tell a lie often enough, people will begin to believe it.

Does the Florida Bar approve of this shameful pattern of misconduct? The duty of keeping the promise fell to you, Bar Counsel, Shanell M. Schuyler. It seems you did exactly what Mr. Napoleone expected you to do.

You betrayed the public trust and closed the file. Your letter closing the bar file rained rhetoric about not second-guessing the court and not retrying the underlying civil and appellate cases but you failed to offer any analysis of the facts or to justify your decision about Mr. Napoleone’s misconduct and why it was ethical to give conflicting testimony that seemed to change when the case required it.

Conspicuously missing from your letter is any comment regarding the undisputed evidence that Mr. Michael J. Napoleone, a partner in the politically potent Richman Greer law firm, offered false statements to a Florida Trial Court and then again to the Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal.

There has been no comment on the proven facts that Mr. Napoleone offered contradicting signed statements. No comment on the fact that Mr. Napoleone did not deny that he offered false testimony both to the Fourth District Court of Appeal that directly contradicted what he had previously stated to the Trial Court in a signed document.

You simply closed the file. Moving on is not fair to the people of Florida that rely on the Bar to keep attorney’s ethics on a high enough level to prevent the appearance of fraud and double-dealing.

Convenient for the corrupt, a decision of bar counsel to close any file is not subject to appeal. This caveat trumps truth. Get out of jail free; a cheap bar trick. The deceit goes on.

No wonder Mr. Napoleone was so confident his fraud upon the court was not going to be a problem for him.

An appeal to the court of public opinion seems to be the only thing left to expose the deep corruption being practiced in the Florida Bar. Is the bar a protector of public integrity in the Florida courts, or a purveyor of perversion? Is the bar a trustworthy arm of the Florida Supreme Court or a fraternity of fraud and cronyism?

The public will decide if the Florida Bar ignored the truth and encourages false statements in the Florida Trial Courts and the Florida Fourth District Courts of Appeal.

Your message that attorney misconduct is allowed and encouraged in the State of Florida, by the Florida Bar Association that you represent, is loud and clear.


Jason Halle

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Hypocrisy of the Bar – A Case Study

Broward Civil Court

Broward Civil Court

Broward Civil Court

The Broward Civil Court

Jason Halle is done in the Palm Beach Probate Court where the attorneys lied to Judge David E. French and as a result they collected a hefty attorney fee of $183,811.48, even though their client Peter Halle was in violation of Florida law for more than 8 years.

There are no consequences for Judge David E. French. Judges have immunity in our society, which means they can cause a person as much harm as they choose without any due recourse in the law for their actions. There are seldom consequences for Judges no matter what they do.

Jason Halle has now filed a lawsuit in Broward County Civil Court before the Honorable Judge Michael L. Gates.

Jason Halle alleges that the defendants: Peter E. Halle, Carolyn B. Lamm, John G. White III, Michael J. Napoleone, Charles H. Johnson and the Richman Greer Professional Associate engaged in:

Gross Negligence/Intentional Misconduct

Tortious Interference with Inheritance

Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

Fraud Upon the Court (intrinsic and extrinsic)

Civil Conspiracy/Aiding and Abetting/In-Concert Liability

The Complaint was filed with the Clerk of the Broward Court on October 12, 2015. The Case Number is: CACE-15-017841