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Does the Florida Bar approve of this pattern of misconduct? The duty of keeping the promise fell to you, Bar Counsel, Shanell M Schuyler.

Does the Florida Bar approve of this pattern of misconduct? The duty of keeping the promise fell to you, Bar Counsel, Shanell M Schuyler.

I wrote the following letter to Ms. Shanell M Schuyler, Director of Intake at The Florida Bar in Tallahassee, Florida on November 25, 2015:

Re: Mr. George White, III; RFA No: 15-9437

Dear Ms. Schuyler,

I am in receipt of your letter of September 25, 2015. I appreciate the time and effort you took to respond to my serious concerns.

A fully documented complaint was submitted to the Florida Bar detailing clear, compelling, and indisputable evidence that a Florida attorney, “with intent to deceive the court” knowingly made false statements and withheld material information.

No defense was ever offered to the fact that Mr. George White, III made knowingly false statements to the Courts.

Fact One: On June 6, 2013, John G. “Jay” White, III of Richman Greer stated in a court document that, “Notably, Plaintiff’s motions to amend have not arisen as a result of the Court’s dismissal of any of Plaintiff’s prior complaints or claims…” You seem to have missed this in your review of the docket.

Fact Two: on August 28, 2013, just a few weeks later with no hearing in between, in the Courtroom of Judge David E. French, John George White, III, stated, “…the plaintiff keeps filing these lawsuits, they keep getting dismissed,… and I think it’s time that Your Honor dismiss it with prejudice.”

It’s amazing to me how “not arising as a result of the Court’s dismissal of any of Plaintiff’s prior complaints or claims” can magically turn into, “they keep getting dismissed” in such a short interval of time.

Fact Three: On February 21, 2014, Mr. White again made further false statements to the Fourth District Court of Appeal in a Reply Brief where he stated, “Mr. White did not “lie,” as Appellant alleges in his ad hominem attack.”

Does the Florida Bar approve of this pattern of misconduct? The duty of keeping the promise fell to you, Bar Counsel, Shanell M Schuyler. Perfectly suited for this job, you did exactly what your colleagues expected you to do. You betrayed the public trust and closed the file. Your letter closing the bar file rained rhetoric about not second-guessing the court and not retrying the underlying civil and appellate cases but you failed to offer any analysis of the facts or to justify your decision about Mr. White’s misconduct.

Conspicuously missing from your letter is any comment regarding the undisputed evidence that Mr. White, a partner in the politically potent Richman Greer law firm, offered false statements to a Florida Trial Court and then again to the Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal.

There has been no comment on the proven facts that Mr. White offered contradicting sworn statements. No comment on the fact that Mr. White did not deny that he offered false testimony both to the Trial Court and again to the Fourth District Court of Appeal. You simply closed the file.  Moving on is not fair to the people of Florida that rely on the Bar to keep attorney’s ethics out of the sewer.

Convenient for the corrupt, a decision of bar counsel to close any file is not subject to appeal. This caveat trumps truth. Get out of jail free; a cheap bar trick. The deceit goes on.

An appeal to the court of public opinion seems to be the only thing left to expose the deep corruption being practiced in the Florida Bar. Is the bar a protector of public integrity in the Florida courts, or a purveyor of perversion? Is the bar a trustworthy arm of the Florida Supreme Court or a fraternity of fraud and cronyism?

The public will decide if the Florida Bar ignored the truth and encourages false statements in the Florida Trial Courts and the Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal.

Your message that attorney misconduct is allowed and encouraged in the State of Florida, by the Florida Bar Association that you represent is loud and clear.


Jason Halle


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  1. Hi Jason. I came across this when searching for Bar email addresses. I am in a similar issue. After 8 long months our complaint made it from the Tallahassee office to a branch office where even the branch counsel found need for discipline. Only 1/3 of cases actually make it to a branch office.

    It was then sent to a grievance committee who dropped the complaint within 48 hours of receipt with no real explanation whatsoever. They are supposed to investigate further and the process is supposed to take 3 to 6 months. We provided a mountain of compelling evidence while the attorney in question provided nothing and even hired a criminal defense attorney. There are numerous unanswered questions that the Bar has shown no willingness to investigate.

    I have lost all faith in the Bar’s willingness to discipline one of their own. All of the burden of proof was put onto us while the attorneys ridiculous accusations and excuses were permitted by the Bar. Can this be taken directly to the Supreme Court? Is there anyway to appeal this clear travesty of justice?

    • As far as I know there is no appeal process for The Florida Bar. The Florida Bar is not a public institution as most people are led to believe. It is basically run by the attorneys of the state. They occasionally will find against an attorney when something becomes so public that everyone is paying attention and the attorney’s actions are so bluntly unlawful that they have to do something or lose total credibility. But in fact, The Florida Bar is there to protect corrupt attorneys from citizens like us with legitimate grievances. The whole system is totally unscrupulous and The Florida Bar is designed to cause people with legitimate complaints so much pain that they will eventually just give up.

  2. I am living the same situation as you Emir since May complained then they response that they have nothing to do. How to present the case to supreme court.

  3. Thanks for your help with this post, if is there any way to act together will be part of any group guys. I have different cases of fraud from lawyer, started for one and the Florida Bar just responsed that only lost $2000 so nothing to do not justice in this country.

  4. It is disheartening to read this but I can totally relate. I sustained an injury at a hotel and two corrupt Orlando attorneys (mine and the defense) have falsified and misrepresented information in an effort to minimize the extent of my injuries, the sheer negligence of the hotel to promote their self interests and settle the case. When I wrote to the FL Bar Association providing copious detail the initial response there was no merit to my concerns. I wrote back stating they were providing a disservice if they were condoning unethical behavior. They recently advised they are opening an investigation but I sense at the end of the day they will find no wrongdoing on the part of these two attorneys. Sadly this is not isolated to Florida. I think these agencies should be apart from professional associations with independent investigators paid by the state since the state is collecting their licensing dues. The only real recourse is a malpractice claim.

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