Judge David French Hearing

Judge David E. French Hearing

Judge David E. French Hearing

Thursday November 12, 2015 at 3:00 p.m.

Judge David E. French, Courtroom 2

200 West Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33444

Come to the hearing and experience the Florida Probate Court in action. Here is a Preliminary Statement from a Memorandum filed with the Court. I hope you can attend and witness this for yourself.


Believing that he was entitled to a distribution of the Trust upon the death of Edward Halle and Elaine Halle (2007) in accordance with the Trust Document written in 1987, Jason Halle commenced an action against Peter Halle in 2011, some four (4) years after the Grantor’s wife, Elaine Halle’s death.

Peter Halle the trustee for the Edward Halle Trust, a well-established attorney in his own right, hired a very prestigious law firm in Miami, Florida (Richman Greer P.A.).  Prestigious or not, Jason Halle continued with his lawsuit after years of communicating with Peter Halle to no avail. After Jason Halle’s attorney, Nola Richardson presented a valid settlement proposal and Jason Halle waited one and a half (1.5) years to get an acknowledgement from anyone at Richman Greer.  With no distribution or explanation, Jason Halle saw no alternative.  While Jason Halle was a pro se litigant and not always as well versed as the attorneys, his claims were not without merit. They were however ignored.

Everyone refused to acknowledge that the Trust called for distribution upon death. It was not being distributed and Jason Halle’s extremely poor health demanded that distribution be made.  Eight years later his health has diminished and he has lost his beloved home.  Why? For just the desire of his brother, Peter Halle, to keep the money away from Jason Halle. He was backed up by ten (10) additional attorneys that he hired. That is exactly what was done. The attorneys are now asking to be compensated for their successful efforts to aid and abet their client Peter Halle’s violation of many Florida Statutes and to aid him in successfully disregarding the Grantor, Edward Halle’s very clearly written wishes.

After lying to the court by telling the judge that Jason Halle’s several amended complaints had been dismissed by the court (there were no dismissals), the court dismissed his last complaint with prejudice and now is considering awarding the attorneys of some $241,000 in attorney fees.


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