Judge French Awards $183,811.48

Judge David E. French

Judge David E. French Awards

Judge David E. French Awards $183,811.48 to Peter Halle

Click on my photo above to read an article one of Judge David E. French’s buddy’s, Adam M. Myron, a partner of Richman Greer, wrote about his good old friend the Judge. Adam was one of the attorneys that this award was based upon.

I am Jason Halle. I am a qualified beneficiary of the Edward Halle Trust and a qualified distributee as well.

In 1987 Ronald Siegel, an attorney that was practicing law in Boca Raton, Florida, wrote a easy to understand Trust document for my dad, Edward Halle. It clearly stated that upon the death of my mother, Elaine Halle, the trust was to be distributed immediately to the beneficiaries and then terminated.

The trigger for disbursement and termination of the Trust occurred in August of 2007. Peter Halle, the Trustee chose to ignore the instructions of the Trust and refused to make the distributions and terminate the Trust. This was a breach of the Trust as well as a violation of at least a dozen Florida laws. Peter Halle never gave a reasonable explanation regarding his actions.

I hired two attorneys to try to get my brother, Peter Halle, to follow the instructions of the Trust and the laws of Florida. My attorneys were ignored, one of them for a year and a half.

In my opinion Peter Halle was playing with me. I felt he was like a child pulling the wings off a fly. Peter Halle was well aware of my heart condition, previous heart surgery, AIDS, cancer operations, etc.… Peter Halle just seemed to be enjoying my suffering and waiting for me to die so he could keep all the money.

In 2011, I tried find an attorney to help me. It was obvious at this point that going to court was the only option because Peter Halle kept breaking the law and breaching the Trust. Peter Halle was even filing fraudulent tax returns for the Trust, implying that he was making distributions that never in fact happened. This raised my tax liabilities and caused me further harm.

After copying the file many times and delivering it to many attorneys and having many consultations, all of the attorneys I met with refused to represent me or I could not afford them. They were all very positive until I mentioned that my brother’s wife, Carolyn B. Lamm was recently the President of the American Bar Association (2009-2010).

I decided to take the matter to the probate court in West Palm Beach myself, without an attorney. My reasoning was, I am a qualified beneficiary, a qualified distributee and I have a valid Trust document created by Ronald Siegel. Esq. of Boca Raton, Florida.

My brother Peter Halle, a well-established lawyer licensed to practice in Florida and the District of Columbia, was breaking the law, breaching a Florida Trust and had filed a Notice of Trust with the Palm Beach Court in 2007. I figured, what could go wrong?

WOW, everything went wrong. But not at first. The case was assigned to Judge James Martz. Judge Martz seemed to be very impartial and things were going along very well while he was presiding.

Then there was a rotation of Judges. Suddenly Judge David E. French became the Judge in charge of this case. Impartiality seemed to disappear. Judge David E. French always appeared to be angry at me. Many times he told me I should hire an attorney, that probate court was no place for a pro se litigant. This seemed harsh since it was my right to obtain justice from the probate court, with or without an attorney. Since I could not find an attorney to represent me that I could afford, I did not seem to have any other options. Believe me, I tried.

My brother, Peter Halle’s response was to eventually hire ten (10) of top attorneys in Southern Florida to work on the case. They were Alan G. Greer, Charles H. Johnson, Michael J. Napoleone, John “Jay” G. White III, Adam M. Myron, Ethan J. Wall, Joshua I, Spoont, Leslie A. Metz, Marta Stypulkowski, Georgia A. Buckhalter, all from Richman Greer.

I later learned from testimony in court by Michael J. Napoleone that Peter Halle’s wife, Carolyn B. Lamm was good friends with Alan G. Greer. It was because of their special relationship and the fact that Carolyn had been a past President of the American Bar Association (ABA) that Richman Greer was not concerned about not being able to find a fee agreement between any of the parties. By law, as a qualified beneficiary, I should have been provided a fee agreement when attorneys were first hired by the Trust if there had been an agreement as they claimed.

Carolyn B. Lamm used her enormous legal expertise to help her husband Peter Halle violate the Florida laws and breach the Trust. Carolyn, besides being a past President of the American Bar Association (ABA) is also a Florida attorney.

On June 6, 2013, John G. “Jay” White, III and Michael J. Napoleone of Richman Greer stated in a court document that, “Notably, Plaintiff’s motions (my motions) to amend have not arisen as a result of the Court’s dismissal of any of Plaintiff’s prior complaints or claims…”

Then on August 28, 2013, just a few weeks later with no hearing in between, in the Courtroom of Judge David E. French, John George White, III, stated, “And this – I don’t know if it’s leverage or what – but the plaintiff keeps filing these lawsuits, they keep getting dismissed, chewing up, you know, money potentially that’s in the trust and there’s not a lot of it and I think it’s time that Your Honor dismiss it with prejudice.”

It’s amazing to me how “not arising as a result of the Court’s dismissal of any of Plaintiff’s prior complaints or claims” can magically turn into, “they keep getting dismissed” in Judge David E. French’s courtroom and the Judge wouldn’t acknowledge it or let it be discussed. It was like having an 8,000 pound elephant in the room that was off limits!

On November 13, 2015, Judge David E. French signed a Final Order allowing Peter Halle, Trustee for the Edward Halle Trust, to reimburse himself from the Trust in the amount of $173,490.48 for the fees he paid to Richman Greer. Then another $6,046.00 to Richman Greer for Trust Administration. The Order also allowed payment of another $4,275.00 to attorney John B. Murray, Esq. So that comes to a total of $183,811.48.

Trust administration? Where was there any Trust administration other then the fraudulent tax returns and a refusal to follow the instructions of the Trust?

There still has been no distribution and termination of the Trust. Florida laws are still being violated by Peter Halle.

My claims had been reasonable. Fraud upon the Court had been committed. My status as qualified beneficiary and qualified distributee had never been challenged. The Edward Halle Trust or any of its instructions had never been challenged.

Judge David E. French stated in his Final Order, “The Court now states what the record accurately reflects: that the results obtained for the Defendant by its attorneys virtually could not have been better.” That is an understatement. They must have said the same thing about O.J. Simson’s attorneys.

If you are an honest person with a serious problem that needs legal resolution in the probate court; if you are not rich; a privileged millionaire; or have powerful contacts in Washington and you find yourself in Judge David E. French’s courtroom, in my opinion you are in very big trouble.

Do you have a valid will or Trust that specifically states who the beneficiaries are? Not important in Judge David E. French’s courtroom.

Are you an attorney that believes the best way to win a lawsuit is to lie to the Judge? This is not a problem in Judge David E. French’s courtroom either. Every time I tried to bring this up I was silenced by Judge French. When I wrote a motion asking for a rehearing due to John “Jay” G. White’s Fraud Upon the Court, he dismissed it without even hearing any arguments.

When I asked Judge David E. French to recuse himself because he was prejudging motions, he refused.

This is my story. It is true and I have the documents to prove everything I’ve said. The opinions stated are my own.

Judge David French Hearing

Judge David E. French Hearing

Judge David E. French Hearing

Thursday November 12, 2015 at 3:00 p.m.

Judge David E. French, Courtroom 2

200 West Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33444

Come to the hearing and experience the Florida Probate Court in action. Here is a Preliminary Statement from a Memorandum filed with the Court. I hope you can attend and witness this for yourself.


Believing that he was entitled to a distribution of the Trust upon the death of Edward Halle and Elaine Halle (2007) in accordance with the Trust Document written in 1987, Jason Halle commenced an action against Peter Halle in 2011, some four (4) years after the Grantor’s wife, Elaine Halle’s death.

Peter Halle the trustee for the Edward Halle Trust, a well-established attorney in his own right, hired a very prestigious law firm in Miami, Florida (Richman Greer P.A.).  Prestigious or not, Jason Halle continued with his lawsuit after years of communicating with Peter Halle to no avail. After Jason Halle’s attorney, Nola Richardson presented a valid settlement proposal and Jason Halle waited one and a half (1.5) years to get an acknowledgement from anyone at Richman Greer.  With no distribution or explanation, Jason Halle saw no alternative.  While Jason Halle was a pro se litigant and not always as well versed as the attorneys, his claims were not without merit. They were however ignored.

Everyone refused to acknowledge that the Trust called for distribution upon death. It was not being distributed and Jason Halle’s extremely poor health demanded that distribution be made.  Eight years later his health has diminished and he has lost his beloved home.  Why? For just the desire of his brother, Peter Halle, to keep the money away from Jason Halle. He was backed up by ten (10) additional attorneys that he hired. That is exactly what was done. The attorneys are now asking to be compensated for their successful efforts to aid and abet their client Peter Halle’s violation of many Florida Statutes and to aid him in successfully disregarding the Grantor, Edward Halle’s very clearly written wishes.

After lying to the court by telling the judge that Jason Halle’s several amended complaints had been dismissed by the court (there were no dismissals), the court dismissed his last complaint with prejudice and now is considering awarding the attorneys of some $241,000 in attorney fees.