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Letter to Maura Canter, Bar Counsel

Allegations of misconduct by John G. White, III

Florida Bar Complaint about allegations of misconduct by John G. White, III

A bar complaint was filed on November 22, 1014, alleging misconduct by John G. White, III. Click here to review the original complaint.

On December 9, Maura Canter, Bar Counsel at the Florida Bar in Tallahassee, Florida responded to the complaint. Click here to read her response.

On July 12, 2015, I wrote the following letter to Ms. Maura Canter at the Florida Bar:


Ms. Maura Canter, Bar Counsel
Attorney Consumer Assistance Program
The Florida Bar
651 East Jefferson Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2300

Re: Mr. George White, III; RFA No: 15-9437

Dear Ms. Maura Canter,

I am in receipt of your letter of December 9, 2014. I appreciate the time and effort you took to respond to my serious concerns.

In your letter to me you stated, “The Florida Bar only has authority to investigate complaints to determine if an attorney has violated the rules governing attorneys and whether disciplinary action is warranted regarding the attorney’s license to practice.”

Maura Canter, I am not asking the Florida Bar to change the outcome of anything that has happened in the Courts in the State of Florida. I know perfectly well that this is not within your mandate.

Mr. John G. White, III has allegedly violated six rules of the Florida Rules of Professional Conduct which were very well articulated in the Bar Complaint that I filed on November 22, 2014.

To think that an attorney licensed by the State of Florida can commit such obvious and serious misconduct on the Trial Court level, and then do it again on the Appellate Court level, especially when his opposition is a Pro Se litigant, is appalling to me and my readers. I certainly hope that the fact that the Defendant Peter Halle is a Florida Attorney, that Mr. John G. White, III is a Florida Attorney, that the Defendant’s wife, Carolyn B. Lamm is a Florida Attorney and is a Past President of the American Bar Association (2009-2010) and that I am a nobody in the legal profession does not have any bearing on the actions of the Florida Bar.

Powerful people don’t need the protection of the Florida Bar. It is ordinary Florida residents that are being abused by Florida legal professionals licensed by the Florida Bar that are committing misconduct that are in need of protection.

My readers keep asking me why I don’t complain to the Florida Bar about Mr. John G. White, III’s alleged misconduct. Everybody in Florida seems to believe that the Florida Bar will protect them from dishonest attorneys that lie to Judges and in Briefs to the Appellate Court.

If you feel that Florida attorneys should be allowed to violate the Florida Rules of Professional Conduct that I have outline in my original complaint when involved in a case with a Pro Se litigant, I wish you would explain this for me and my readers so we may better understand.

All you would have to do, is request that Mr. White produce the court documents that support his statements that there had been multiple dismissals in the case in question before it was dismissed with prejudice. He will not be able to do this, since no such documents exist.

This letter is written with the utmost respect and confidence that the Florida Bar will reconsider and do the correct thing.

Very Sincerely,

Jason Halle

cc: John G. White, III


Maura Canter — 15 Comments

  1. I myself have been in contact with The Florida Bar, Ms.Canter for a few YEARS and still on going.After showing Ms.Canter that representing the Florida Bar about an a Florida Attorney, committing Financial Abuse of the Elder.Backing up all my allegations with document evidence.Unless you work for the government with some kind of authority or you are a high profile citizens.NOTHING HAPPENS! Only advice maybe or the standard responds,there’s no probable cause to take any type of action.Case Closed.THAT’S IT.

    • Arthur, Ms. Canter’s job is not to protect the public, it is to protect the attornies. She has no consideration of your your rights under the constitution of the State of Florida or the Constitution of the United States. Ms. Canter is not a public servent. Figure out what Florida crimes were committed by the opposition and file a police report with a request that it be refered to the State Attorney’s Office. Also file a Declaration with the FBI. They know that there is corruption in the Courts here and they would like to hear about it.

  2. Wow…I am experiencing similar situations….I do understand your experience ..they spin your request and rename it and talk about….stuff you did not ask about….they are being paid by the lawyer so their are servicing their bar brother and sisters

  3. Nothing has change from my last statement.There is Know motivation to help the unknown citizen.If the Florida Bar does one case or a hundred cases in a week.There pay check and benefit stay the same.

  4. Jason, I am going threw the same thing with Maura Canter , and I too was not asking for a change in outcome in my case. I don’t understand the purpose of the Florida bar. It seems like the only cases that are heard are those that the law enforcement are involved in witch leaves no other choice for the bar. Due to misconduct of the attorney in my case, Alison B. Copley and Judge Olin W. Shinholser who allowed my ex to lie on affidavit with obviouse evidence and even tried to have my 79 year old mother arrested and incarcerated for 179 days have also taken my rights away as a father and have not been aloud to see my daughter in a year and two months. I’ve had three calls from my daughter since the case ended four months ago. I will not give up and if you know anything I can do or point me in right direction it would be appreciated.

    • Gerry, one thing I can tell you is that looking for justice at the Florida Bar or from Maura Canter is a waste of time. They are not concerned with justice, only protecting their memebership. It is not a public institution, as most people think. If Alison B. Copley or Judge Olin W. Shinholser comitted felonies during the trial, file a police report. If there were color of the law voilations, (you were not given the due process gauranteed to you in the Constitution), file a complaint with the FBI. Unfortunately, the FBI is very busy at this point in time.

    • Just so you know,I’ve been trying to get logical justice for my 94 year old father for Financial Abuse of the Elder.We are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars manipulated from my father from an attorney that specializes in Elder Law.
      Of coarse I’ve been to the Florida Bar,Florida Board of Bar Examiners,John F.Harkness,Jr.Executive Director of The Florida Bar,Chair 17th Judic Circuit Grievance Committee G (ACAP)Attorney General Pam Bonj,Florida Supreme Court and all these government departments all are in a brotherhood of protecting each other no explanation decisions.My last contact was with the American Bar Association.They advice me that needed to contact the Office of Attorney General State of Florida,about my problem.So,all I’m doing is going in circles.With zero help,Justice or a logical answers.So,I’m back to Attorney General Office again.

  5. Exactly the same is happening with us!

    Three times the Florida Bar closed my complaint against the opposing party’ attorney, who had proven ex parte communication with the judge, covered up and assisted with his client’s perjuries in his motions and at trial, also falsified federal documents to have his desired outcome of the case.

    Now, after my repeated complaint to the Bar’ president(s) they reopened the case and assigned to Maura Canter. My hope was high when I have received the letter informing me that the case reopened and assigned to her. However, reading your comments, I don’t think I’ll get a fair investigation.

    If the Bar, Ms. Canter will close the case again without disciplinary action, I will turn to the senators, the governor, the newspapers all over in the country (and outside the country), will inform the attorney general, and even will go to the president!

    This corrupt judiciary system should be changed! I won’t stop to fight for to changed it! I have nothing to lose anymore, I already lost everything, including my good health!

    How about class action lawsuit against the Florida Bar???

    • Dear Anna,

      I doubt you will get any satisfaction from the Florida Bar Association in Tallahassee is a corrupt institution. It is not a public agency for the purpose of protecting the public from preditor attorneys. In fact it is a private institution that hires attorneys like Maura Canter and Shanell M Schuyler to protect the preditor attorneys in their membership from honest people seeking justice like ourselves.

      I don’t think a class action would help. They have no legal obligation to help or protect us.

      Try to figure out what laws were violated and what felonies were committed by the preditor attorneys and the corrupt judges involved and file complaints with the local sherriff’s office for investigation and the FBI for color of the law and constitutional violations.

      I am not a lawyer, just a victim like you.

      • Thank you for your information regarding the color of the law. I’ll send my complaint to the FBI too as you suggested and hope that they maybe will do something.

        I wonder, why do we have to sworn in the courtroom to “tell the truth and nothing but the truth” when you can cheat and lie freely without hesitation, and you don’t have to be afraid from any punishment because the judges supporting perjuries. Lying under oath, and ex parte meeting should be serious offenses because it can derail, as did in our case, the basic goal of the justice system which is discovering the truth. The opposing attorney committed serious offenses with his support and help of his client’ perjuries and concealing his tax fraud. He also falsified federal documents to have his desired outcome of the case.

        My family and friends, just like me have no faith in the system anymore! The corruption in the judiciary system is bigger than anyone can imagine! The judges and attorney can have ex parte communications regarding your case and fix the outcome, and no one is care!
        No wonder why my attorney said that “now you know why so many innocent people is siting in jails”.

        Unfortunately, NO forum is available, as we believe that nowhere to turn for help and ask to reprimand an attorney or a judge. No one listen to you.

        Very sad…

        Thanks again!

  6. interesting received a letter from Maura that was useless. Why does the Florida Bar have no email address yet website promotes it. SCAM.

    • Because they don’t want to make it easy for the public to voice their concerns and complaints. Their business is not to protect the public, it is to protect their members that pay dues.

  7. Ms. Canter was misleading her own supervisor with statements what never being said, and she had no proofs, whatsoever. Anyway! The supervisor believed her and closed the case.
    Nevertheless that I have documented and could prove all the corrupt act of the attorney and the judge.
    The Bar refused to acknowledge the proofs and closed the case already six(6) times! I send it back the 7th time, but this time I did send it 52 others, the board of governors, plus the FBI and the State Attorney’s Office. They finally gave my complaint to the head of the grievance committee, but it was almost three(3) months ago, and as of today, I never heard back a word about my complaint!
    I tried to get the committee’s chair contact information, but they’re refused to giving me. I bet, that they didn’t refuse to give that horrible, cheating/lying corrupt attorney! I also bet, that he already in contact with the chair! One of the attorney said about this corrupt one that he is “an unethical dirty scumbag”. I believe its doesn’t fully covering this attorney’s attitude and actions.
    I several times sent emails to the Bar, but the answer always is: “the case is under review”. Haha!
    Go figured! The whole Florida Bar is a joke! They’re not for the law abiding citizens, but for the cheating, lying, corrupt attorneys!

  8. Looks like in Florida legal to cheat, lie and have ex-parte communications, set people up for loose their case against the vast of evidence!

    Bravo Florida Bar! I think we should advertise and let all the attorneys from the State come to here, practice here, since, according to the Bar it is legal the bribe, legal lie, legal to have ex-parte communications, e.t.c., they can do whichever they want to do in the legal system! They don’t have to afraid from reprimand from anyone or any institute!

    I really don’t know who to turn anymore, which institute will finally take seriously my documented facts! It is frustrating! And everybody say this legal system is the best of the world! I would say, and trust me, I lived several countries, this is the worst legal system on the world!

    Shame on the Florida Bar and all of the others who doesn’t listen to the law abiding citizens!

  9. I received the same boilerplate response from Ms. Canter in my Florida Bar Complaint against Attorney John Zehmer of Ponte Vedra Beach Fl when he removed me as a PR and replaced me with my convicted felon brother. Ms. Canter didn’t see anything wrong with this either. Zehmer had to produce nothing to support his defenses, to include a taped recording of my 90 year old Mother.

    How were you able to publicly post this? I’d like to publicly do the same.

    Ellen Cunniff
    Boca Raton, FL

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