Maura Canter

Letter to Maura Canter, Bar Counsel

Allegations of misconduct by John G. White, III

Florida Bar Complaint about allegations of misconduct by John G. White, III

A bar complaint was filed on November 22, 1014, alleging misconduct by John G. White, III. Click here to review the original complaint.

On December 9, Maura Canter, Bar Counsel at the Florida Bar in Tallahassee, Florida responded to the complaint. Click here to read her response.

On July 12, 2015, I wrote the following letter to Ms. Maura Canter at the Florida Bar:


Ms. Maura Canter, Bar Counsel
Attorney Consumer Assistance Program
The Florida Bar
651 East Jefferson Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2300

Re: Mr. George White, III; RFA No: 15-9437

Dear Ms. Maura Canter,

I am in receipt of your letter of December 9, 2014. I appreciate the time and effort you took to respond to my serious concerns.

In your letter to me you stated, “The Florida Bar only has authority to investigate complaints to determine if an attorney has violated the rules governing attorneys and whether disciplinary action is warranted regarding the attorney’s license to practice.”

Maura Canter, I am not asking the Florida Bar to change the outcome of anything that has happened in the Courts in the State of Florida. I know perfectly well that this is not within your mandate.

Mr. John G. White, III has allegedly violated six rules of the Florida Rules of Professional Conduct which were very well articulated in the Bar Complaint that I filed on November 22, 2014.

To think that an attorney licensed by the State of Florida can commit such obvious and serious misconduct on the Trial Court level, and then do it again on the Appellate Court level, especially when his opposition is a Pro Se litigant, is appalling to me and my readers. I certainly hope that the fact that the Defendant Peter Halle is a Florida Attorney, that Mr. John G. White, III is a Florida Attorney, that the Defendant’s wife, Carolyn B. Lamm is a Florida Attorney and is a Past President of the American Bar Association (2009-2010) and that I am a nobody in the legal profession does not have any bearing on the actions of the Florida Bar.

Powerful people don’t need the protection of the Florida Bar. It is ordinary Florida residents that are being abused by Florida legal professionals licensed by the Florida Bar that are committing misconduct that are in need of protection.

My readers keep asking me why I don’t complain to the Florida Bar about Mr. John G. White, III’s alleged misconduct. Everybody in Florida seems to believe that the Florida Bar will protect them from dishonest attorneys that lie to Judges and in Briefs to the Appellate Court.

If you feel that Florida attorneys should be allowed to violate the Florida Rules of Professional Conduct that I have outline in my original complaint when involved in a case with a Pro Se litigant, I wish you would explain this for me and my readers so we may better understand.

All you would have to do, is request that Mr. White produce the court documents that support his statements that there had been multiple dismissals in the case in question before it was dismissed with prejudice. He will not be able to do this, since no such documents exist.

This letter is written with the utmost respect and confidence that the Florida Bar will reconsider and do the correct thing.

Very Sincerely,

Jason Halle

cc: John G. White, III