Hearings – June 16, 2015

A Hearing before Judge David E. French

was held on

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 at 2:00 p.m.

Hearing on June 16, 2015

Hearing on June 16, 2015, before Honorable Judge David E. French

The hearing before Judge David E. French was held on:

Tuesday June 16, 1015, at 2:00 p.m.

South County Courthouse, 200 West Atlantic Avenue, Courtroom 2

Delray Beach, Florida 33444.

There already had been Orders that stated that there will be NO consequences for Peter Halle, a Florida Attorney, that has violated about a dozen Florida Statutes (laws) and has been in breach of Trust for about eight years.

The Appeal Court has decided that there has been no prejudice involved in that ruling even though I still don’t have my inheritance and the ruling allows my brother Peter to keep the money. All of the attorneys involved just keep focusing on the fees they are getting and that they have protected one of their own.

The bias against this Pro Se litigant is immense. This whole court action seems to have degenerated into how to save the Defendant, a Florida Attorney who was in Breach of Trust for eight years and who had violated a dozen Florida Statutes. The goal being that he have no negative consequences for his unlawful actions.

Then the next objective of the Court was not to allow any evidentiary testimony that would confirm that John G. White, III of Richman Greer law firm in West Palm Beach and Miami was guilty of misconduct for committing Fraud upon the Court. More Florida attorneys escaping negative consequences of their actions.

Now the victim, Jason Halle, is being told that according to Judge French’s ruling the Defendant Peter Halle can keep the money and Jason will have to pay one half of the Defendant’s legal fees!

Judge David E. French agrees that the Court never found that Peter Halle was not in Breach of the Trust. He also agreed that the Court never found that Peter Halle was not in violation of the many Florida Statutes in the Complaint.

Judge French never stated that John G. White, III of Richman Greer in West Palm Beach and Miami had not committed Fraud Upon the Court.

Judge French knew that Jason Halle is gay, has been HIV+ for 36 years, has a heart condition, is a cancer survivor three times and ran out of money while trying to get his brother to disburse his inheritance according to the terms of the Trust Document.

It seems to make sense why Judge David E. French is bias towards all of the Florida attorneys involved. He knows them. The Defendant’s wife, Carolyn B. Lamm, is a past President of the American Bar Association (2009 – 2010). They are all members of the same powerful club that reaches all the way back to Washington, DC.

I have always paid my taxes and tried to do the right and honest things in my life. I am naive, because I do not understand were all of the negative bias towards me is coming from. I expected justice from the Palm Beach Circuit Court.

All of the motions had been prejudged at a previous hearing. A Motion to Recuse had been Denied. A Petition for Writ of Prohibition had been denied. Everything ended up going down exactly as Judge David E. French had previously prejudged.

Is this a situation about powerful organizations protecting their own? Rich, powerful, politically connected lawyers and a gay, HIV+, Jewish, senior citizen with limited resources.

Everyone should be interested. If the courts are willing to do this to me, you can be sure they will be willing to do this to you.


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