Florida Inheritance denied to disabled senior

Senior Citizen is denied Florida inheritance by legal system



Disabled Florida senior becomes impoverished due to malicious actions of politically connected Washington, DC and Florida legal experts

Justice, Freedom, equal access to the law. None of these seem to be working for Jason Halle, a disabled senior citizen that resides in Wilton Manors, Florida.

Jason’s father, Edward Halle, knew his son Jason was legally disabled and was struggling with life threatening health issues each day of his life. Edward Halle wanted to be sure his son Jason had comfort and economic security after he and his wife Elaine Halle were gone. The documents that Edward paid his attorney Ronald Siegel of Boca Raton, Florida to create in order to accomplish this turned out to be worthless.

Edward Halle named his older son Peter Halle to act as Trustee. He was proud Peter became an attorney and told Jason this would save on attorney’s fees and would make the process easier for Jason.

But the money Peter Halle was supposed to disburse to Jason never materialized. First there were excuses. Then a promise the money would be disbursed. Then years of Peter Halle ignoring Jason’s requests for his Florida inheritance. This has been going on since 2007.

Peter Halle is now a retired attorney. He was a partner in the famous Washington, DC, law firm Morgan Lewis. His wife is Carolyn Lamm, also a Washington, DC, attorney and a partner at White & Case. Carolyn Lamm is a past President of the American Bar Association and was voted one of Washington’s 100 most powerful women in 2011. Peter and Carolyn Lamm regularly had Senators and Congressmen to their Washington, DC, home and even Hilary Clinton had been a guest.

So why didn’t Peter Halle disburse the money or attend to the many other fiduciary duties that he was required to perform under Florida law? I would guess that when you are as wealthy and powerful as he and his wife Carolyn Lamm are, you start to believe that you are above the law.

In 2011, Peter Halle was still ignoring Jason’s requests for his inheritance. Two letters from attorneys that Jason hired to plead on his behalf had no success. Jason Halle decided he would need to find an attorney to take his brother to court and compel him to follow the laws of the State of Florida. One lawyer wanted a $60,000.00 retainer. All the other lawyers Jason interviewed were not interested in taking the case when they realized how powerful and connected his brother Peter Halle and his wife Carolyn Lamm are.

Jason naively believed that this was an open and shut case and that the law was 100% on his side. Jason filed a Pro Se Complaint (without the aid of an attorney) against his brother in the 15th Circuit Court in and for Palm Beach County, Florida, on November 4, 2011. His brother Peter responded by hiring the Richman Greer law firm of Miami and West Palm Beach, Florida to represent him and fight Jason with every legal trick known to the profession in order to obstruct Jason from obtaining his Florida inheritance. Peter Halle kept ignoring the Florida laws that were designed to protect beneficiaries like his brother Jason. The whole defense of the lawsuit was frivolous and without merit or basis in law or fact.

Charles H. Johnson of the Miami office was hired back in 2008, so Jason could no longer contact his brother directly and had to go through Peter’s attorney. Then Michael J. Napoleone became involved in 2011, to represent Peter Halle in court. Then more attorneys became involved including John G. White, III. A whole law firm began fighting against Jason Halle to stonewall him from receiving his inheritance. I know this all sounds like fiction, but it is not. Court documents will substantiate all of the facts about the legal actions that ensued.

After over three years of Jason Halle spending days at a time in law libraries, writing legal briefs, motions and creating numerous other documents and after numerous court appearances Jason believed he was holding his own. Peter Halle did not appear once in court during the proceedings. Jason even won an appeal Peter’s attorney’s started in the Fourth District Court of Appeal of Florida regarding jurisdiction. Quite an accomplishment for a Pro Se litigant.

Fraud Upon the Court

Then the unthinkable happened. On August 28, 2013, John G. White, III of Richman Greer committed fraud upon the court. That is the legalese way to say he lied to the Judge during the hearing held on that date. As a direct result of those lies, the Honorable David E. French dismissed the case!

They now want Jason Halle to pay the legal fees of the attorneys that lied in court

Now Peter Halle’s attorneys have filed a motion to compel Jason to pay the Richman Greer legal bill of $200,000.00 PLUS. That’s right, the court has dismissed the case and Peter Halle is now trying to stick Jason Halle with the $200,000.00 PLUS legal bill to pay his lawyers that won by lying in court to get the case dismissed. Jason still doesn’t have his Florida inheritance, and by dismissing the case the court has ruled that Peter Halle never has to pay Jason a cent of his inheritance as a result of the lies the Richman Greer attorneys told in court and wrote in legal briefs.

How can a person fight against such wealth, power and lies? Jason is still trying, but no attorney in Florida has offered to help him. No media outlet has offered to help let the public know about the injustice of the Florida legal system. Nobody seems to think it is unusual that the rich and powerful can produce any results they want in a court room.

Edward Halle

Edward Halle, father of Jason Halle and Peter Halle


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  1. This is awful. 🙁 I thought the only way to disregard a person’s wishes in a legal will was to prove the person was not of sound mind. It’s hard to believe people could be so lacking in compassion especially when they have everything, but it’s true.I am sad for this world and for you. I wish something could have been done. So sorry.

  2. My father, Edward Halle, was an attorney. His instructions were iron clad. They were drawn up by Ronald Siegel an attorney in Boca Raton, Florida. The questions really should be, why did Judge David E. French really dismiss this case? Does the fact that my brother, Peter Halle, was a very powerful Washington, DC attorney somehow play into the facts? Is the fact that his attorney wife is Carolyn B. Lamm, a former president of the American Bar Association a factor? Is the fact that Peter Halle spent more than $200,000 in legal fees with the law firm Richman Greer in West Palm Beach to to deny me a $250,000 inheritance pertinent?

    Thank you very much for your beautiful wishes. I’m still trying to shed light on this subject. Judge David E. French still has to finish deciding how much of Peter Halle’s legal fees he will Order me to pay and he also has not ordered Peter Halle to disburse the Trust which means he can keep the money. I will probably need to bring another lawsuit if I ever hope to see a penny of the money my father left me.

  3. I can’t believe this has happened to you!! My heart aches for you! I will keep you in my prayers. How could a person be so heartless?

  4. Have you appealed with Florida’s supreme court? This seems odd all over the place no offense. News won’t pick it up, anywhere? Most of them love sticking it to the government. Lawyers aren’t going to reach out to you, you have to reach out to them, you might even have to call every single lawyer in the book, but there is going to be someone that will help. If it was the brother’s lawyer who lied then it wouldn’t be you who’d be in fault. He admitted perjuring himself in open court but didn’t get reprimanded? That would be a miss trial or a cause to have the case dismissed without prejudice so it can be heard again. I feel for you and wish I could help, but I also think a lot of details have been left out. I feel you should have all court transcripts, make copies, make a cover page that explains your situation, and send it everywhere, not just Florida. Someone will pick it up and help you. Without court transcripts at least a link on your page, its just another story without proof so most lawyers are just gonna pass it by. Please don’t take this the wrong way or think that I think you’re lying, I don’t, I’m just telling you from the point of view of the people who could possibly help you. But if you want serious help, you need to make all the info public so lawyers and whatnot can see exactly what they’d be getting into. I will pass this along to some people I know who might be able to get it pushed in the right direction. Good luck good luck good luck! I truly mean that.

    • Erin, thank you for your feedback.

      I had three reporters interested in printing this story. Each of them called me back the next day and told me their bosses told them to back off. It seems the media are very reluctant to write stories about attorneys since the attorneys tend to file lawsuits against the publishers.

      There have already been two appeals. I won the first one. I lost the second one, again because the Richman Greer attorneys lied in thier brief to the Appellate Court. I guess that the judges decided to believe a fellow lawyer, rather than a pro se litigant. I have a document where the lawyers state one thing in a court document, and then a few weeks later the opposite thing was stated in open court. Nobody seems to think this is strange or unusual in the Florida judicial system.

      I don’t know why I can’t get some help. Lawyers also seem to be afraid Richman Greer will make motions for sanctions against them as well. Don’t forget, my brother’s wife, Carolyn B. Lamm is a past President of the American Bar Association. Google her.

      I hope to have time to post more information on mhy website today.

      Sincerely, Jason

      • This is ridiculous and cannot believe you have to go through it. I’m gonna think on this and see what or who can help you. There’s got to be someone to stand up for justice. This makes me sick. Prayers for you! I’m gonna stay with your story!

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