Motion to Strike

Richman Greer

Michael J. Napoleone

John G. White, III

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In the motion the following allegations were made:

“Mr. John G. White, III, a member of the Richman Greer Law firm, gave false and damaging information during a hearing held on August 28, 2013. This is the hearing that resulted in the Honorable Trial Court’s Order Dismissing Plaintiff’s Fourth Amended Complaint with Prejudice.”

“No previous motion to dismiss had been granted by the Trial Court.”

“The rest of the many dismissals reported to the Courts by the Richman Greer attorneys and the statements to the Courts that many complaints lacked a cause of action were false and fabricated by Richman Greer attorneys. They were not a result of rulings by Trial Court Judges.”

This motion is a public record and is filed at the Fourth District Court of Appeal in Palm Beach County, Florida.

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