Carolyn Lamm – My sister-in-law

Carolyn Lamm

My sister-in-law

Carolyn Lamm, Peter Halle, Alex Halle, Elaine Halle, Bob Schneider, Edward Halle and Jason Halle

Carolyn Lamm, Peter Halle, Alex Halle, Elaine Halle, Bob Schneider, Edward Halle and Jason Halle

Carolyn Lamm is my sister-in-law. You can see her in the above photo when she was visiting me and my partner Bob Schneider while we were living in Paradise Valley, Arizona, almost 25 years ago.

Carolyn Lamm works at the law firm of White & Case in Washington, DC. She is one of the past presidents of the American Bar Association (2009-2010). During her illustrious career as a Washington, DC attorney she has had Hilary Clinton at her home. Carolyn Lamm’s power seems to have no limits or ethics.

Why was Carolyn Lamm involved in the conferences with the ten attorneys that her husband hired to block her brother-in-law’s inheritance? Peter Halle has refused to disburse the money that Peter Halle’s father left to his disabled brother.

Orders issued so far by Judge David E. French state that there will be NO consequences for Peter Halle, a Florida Attorney, even though he has violated more than 16 Florida Statutes (laws) including alleged felonies and has been in breach of Trust for about nine and a half years. Everyone knows and nobody denies Jason Halle is a qualified beneficiary and a qualified distributee.

Carolyn Lamm is presently under investigation by the Broward State Attorney’s office for a Declaration signed under penalty of perjury in the Court of Judge Michael L. Gates in Broward County.

Everyone should be scared and aware. The courts are finding 12 powerful, politically connected lawyers more appealing than justice or truth. The documents are all air tight and very clear. Nobody seems to care about anything other than the lawyers getting away with breaking the law and getting well paid for doing it.

In the photo Carolyn is with my brother, Peter Halle, her husband and Alex one of her sons. Also present are her mother-in-law and father-in-law, Elaine Halle and Edward Halle.

Bob Schneider my partner of 37 years and I complete the photo.

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Carolyn Lamm – My sister-in-law — 2 Comments

  1. Some very interesting comments about your sister in law, Ms. Lamm. I’ve wondered about her background, whether she is Jewish (I now suspect she is) and how she went from a fairly pedestrian law school to an elite firm like White and Case. Most of interest to me, is why she is comfortable, as a Jew, representing so many clients and governments of Islamic states which usually have some official and unofficial policies and even laws which are discriminatory and hostile when it comes to Jews and Israel. For example, White and Case represented SaudiAramco in challenging a policy of the EEOC which was intended to protect American citizens when working oversees for a foreign company from unlawful discrimination under the American civil rights laws. In defending the lawsuit, SaudiAramco was actually protecting its longstanding goal of keeping Jews out of the company and out of Saudi Arabia. This is part of the Arab boycott. I’d like to know if that company does employ any Jews, and does so in Saudi Arabia. I suspect Ms. Lamm and her husband keep up with your blog, given the fact he has been fighting you so hard and perhaps she can respond and tell me if I’m wrong about the representation of SaudiAramco, and why her firm’s representation of so many Muslim clients does not bother her. Perhaps, even if she is Jewish, she doesn’t care. Perhaps she doesn’t like other Jews or Israel. There are many Jews like that. Has she represented any Israeli companies? Has she involved herself in any Jewish causes, even in local community?

    If I’ve got anything wrong, perhaps she can explain why, but I do find this kind of strange. Most Jews I’ve ever known would not want to work for an Arab concern that has discriminated against Jews. Perhaps she can point to exceptions, but I wonder whether that is an exception based in necessity and expediency, when in fact, they always return to the practice of keeping Jews out.

    I’ve read through some of your posts,and it’s too bad not all the pleadings, motions and opinions have not been posted and linked. It’s always sad when families have these kind of disputes. It’s also sad when people of limited means are forced to navigate the very tricky and difficult legal system. It is just not designed to make it easy for the non-lawyer. All the rules are written with the practitioner in mind. Courts pay lip service to the idea of making it easier for the pro se, but in fact, it really is just lip service.

    Best of luck.

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