Peter Halle requests extension for Answer Brief

Micheal J. Napoleone

of Richman Greer needs more time

Peter Halle & Jason Halle

Peter Halle & Jason Halle
at summer camp in the 1950’s

Peter Halle’s attorney, Michael J. Napoleone, has requested an extension of several weeks to file his Answer Brief in the Fourth District Court of Appeal. This is Peter Halle’s response to Jason Halle’s Pro Se Initial Brief filed on January 8, 2014.

The Answer Brief was originally due to be filed Michael J. Napoleone on January 28, 2014. With the extension that was agreed to by Jason Halle the Answer Brief is now due on Friday, February 21, 2014.

The progress of this appeal can be followed at the Fourth District Court of Appeal of Florida, Jason Halle vs. Peter Halle, Case Number 4D13-3796.

As of Sunday, February 16, 2014, Michael J. Napoleone still has not filed a motion with the Fourth District Court of Appeal of Florida for the extension.

Initial Brief filed in the Fourth District Court of Appeal.

Peter Halle

I filed a pro se brief in the Fourth District Court of Appeal in Florida today, Case Number: 4D13-3796. I have been in court for more than two years trying to get my brother Peter Halle  who works at the law firm of Morgan Lewis, to give me the funds he has been withholding from me for more than 6 years from my father’s estate.

Michael J. Napoleone of Richman Greer

Peter Halle has hired the law firm of Richman Greer and Michael J. Napoleone. They have been making me work very hard to get my money.

The Initial Brief filed with the Fourth District Court of Appeal is 23 pages long and it might take a little while to download.