Jason Halle files Appeal against Peter Halle

Jason Halle v. Peter Halle Intial Brief

Jason Halle v. Peter Halle

On October 15, 2013, Jason Halle filed a Notice of Appeal against his brother Peter Halle in the Fourth District Court of Appeal of Florida.

I am a pro se litigant, which means I am acting as my own lawyer. It is not the position I wish to be in, but my brother, Peter Halle, has spent such a huge sum of money on lawyers that I cannot afford to compete with him. I am forced to act pro se and hope that my rudimentary skills and justice will prevail.

I am always looking for a Florida attorney that can give me some help and guidance on a pro bono basis.

On August 28, 2013, I was basically shut down when the Honorable Judge David E. French granted my brother’s motion to dismiss with prejudice.

I went to the Sheppard Broad Law Library at Nova University. It is a very benevolent institution and allows pro se litigants to use their facilities.

After many hours of research it became apparent that the Florida Courts of Appeal have ruled that a Plaintiff (attorney or pro se litigant) must have the opportunity to amend a minimum of three times each time a complaint is dismissed for failure to state a cause of action. I was not given one opportunity.

I filed a Notice of Appeal with the Fourth District Court of Appeal of Florida. This truly does seem to be the never-ending law suit.