Peter Halle Appeals Judge David French’s Decision

Peter Halle Appeals Jurisdiction

Peter Halle Appeals Jurisdiction

On April 22, 2013, Michael J. Napoleone, Peter’s attorney served a Notice of Appeal on me. I was really shocked and amazed.

Peter was appealing the Honorable Judge David French’s Order to take jurisdiction of the case.

I had no idea what this test would be like. I certainly never wrote an appellate brief before. I guess Peter and his attorney were testing how much a pro se litigant could deal with. It must have been very upsetting to have a pro se litigant win jurisdiction after they spent almost a year and a half fighting it.

I had one thing going in my favor. Since they were filing for the appeal, it was their obligation to write the first brief. I could wait and see how they did it.

On April 25, 2013, the Appeal was assigned the number 4DCA#: 13-1381 by the Fourth District Court of Appeal of Florida.